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Electro “JuMex” JewSah & Mexico by BLACK MASK

JuMex Ju Ju Ju Ju JuMex!!!
Electro Dancers:
Rozen – 8 Beats (Durango MX)
Pulga – 8 Beats (Durango MX)
Kuazy – Electro Krazys (TJ/JewSah)
Victor — Loonatikz Krew (San Diego JewSah)
Sergio – JewSah Jew Jew Jew JewSah

Video by TekNahLow-G cGC & Gordo

Music by Delerty – Myaso Music ver7.62 Get the Papas and Fry Them Hard
& Delerty – Mutant (Dj Solovey Remix)

We are JewSah and Mexico

Ocho Te Lo Pico Te Lo Mocho, Te lo Dejo Como A Pinocho

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