Stylized Noise – Nicolas Putzolu

In Electro Dance Culture

'' Altered Perspectives ''

Last Stylized Noise' video with our ambassador Nicolas Putzolu from Rootless CREW.Thanks to our friend and producer Nicola Moiana, who gave birth to this new amazing collaboration/featuring.What's new? That this will be our mantra, our way to create something unique, particular and familiar also. That's our Italian's flavour and style, creating at home make our day a nice day 😉Thanks again for supporting every Stylize's project we're working and we'll be working on.The first step is sponsoring how much we can and it's still just the beginning! Keep on looking what we're going to do and see how we will evolve the next step. See you soon people and thanks for watching. @@@ If you interested, here you can find our instagram profiles :Stylized NoiseNico_RootlessSam_StylizedNoise#StylizedNoiseRepresent#RootlessCrewRepresent#DanceLife#ArtIsTheWay#ElectronicMusic

Publié par Stylized Noise sur lundi 6 novembre 2017

Last Stylized Noise’ video with our ambassador Nicolas Putzolu from Rootless CREW.

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